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Dental Sedation – A Solution for Nervous Patients

The issue of being nervous about going to the dentist is quite common.  In fact, there are many valid reasons why you may feel fear or trepidation about having a dental procedure done.  There may be some unfortunate memories from the past of negative trips to the dentist.  These may include confusion, fear, and/or pain.  However, there is no reason that you need to continue with these real or imagined fears because today we have the benefit of using dental sedation.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you are here to complete a procedure that the dentist feels is necessary.  He is a highly trained professional, and it is important to adhere to his dental advice.  Dentists and their staff want your experience to be positive and a relatively pain-free experience, so that you no longer feel afraid of going to the dentist.

Living with oftentimes crippling fear or anxiety can get in the way of enjoying life.  This is especially true when having to go to the dental office for routine or specialized procedures.  If you are too fearful of showing up for your appointment, then you run the risk of the misery of a rotten toothache, crooked teeth, or you may even run the risk of not detecting oral cancer.  Nobody wants any of that to happen, so learning to deal with nervous feelings is a must.

Dental sedation is perhaps the best way to get through your nervousness while allowing the dentist to do the procedure with a minimum of interruptions.

It is a very simple process, which includes a mild sedative called midazolam, or Versed.  The dental staff will simply start a traditional intravenous drip, and this is how the medication will be administered.  There is no need to worry about dental sedation.

During sedation, the medication will allow you to be fully conscious of your surroundings in that you will be able to communicate with your dentist during the procedure.  You will not be totally knocked out, and then require recovery time afterwards.  It is very simple and easy.  After the procedure is over, and the midazolam has worn off, you will not even remember the dental work you just had done.  There are no lasting side effects, which is even better!

You will be free and able to walk about the room and leave the office once the procedure is all done. No muss, no fuss!  You will circumvent your nervous feelings, and then be able to tell others that going to the dentist need not be a traumatic experience.  You may even come to like and appreciate your dentist and his/her staff more because you trust them to perform these important procedures that enable you to have a healthy, clean mouth.

Avoiding the dentist because of nervousness is not something you need to worry about anymore.  This will not only enable you to have a healthy set of teeth, and regular check-ups, but you will be the lucky and happy owner of a dazzling white smile!