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Covid 19 Protocol update 22/10/2020

We are open for routine dentistry as per government guidelines with a range of new safety protocols in place.

Following recent Government announcements and under the NPHET guidelines, we want to reassure our patients that Avondale Dental Clinic will remain open, as the provision of dental treatment is considered to be an essential service.

We are happy to make special arrangements for patients who have elected to cocoon should you find yourself in dental pain during
this time.
If you have any questions about the protocols we have in place to protect you and every patient coming into our practice, please call our team on (01) 2014180 or email [email protected]

The Avondale Dental Team


At Avondale Dental Clinic we have instigated a number of changes to our practice to protect you our clients, and our team from Covid 19 .
After you have arranged your appointment we will email you a protocol regarding our appointments as follows.
Questions re Covid
  1. Have you been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid 19 in the last 2 weeks?
  2. Do you have symptoms of Covid 19?
  3. Have you travelled abroad in the last 2 weeks?

We have instituted a number of changes as a result of Covid 19.

  1. The number of patients within the practice has been reduced to maintain social distancing in our reception area.So please come at your appointed time alone.
  2. Please wear a facial covering.
  3. We prefer card payments
  4. We will email your receipt with your next appointment time on it.
  5. If we are running behind time we may call you and ask for you to wait in your car.
  6. The clinical staff will be wearing specialist PPE and we will be seeing fewer patients.
  7. During operative dentistry, we will use enhanced barrier methods to reduce any aerosol created and have increased our ventilation within the surgeries. Our cross-infection controls are to the highest standard as prescribed by the Hse and Dental Council.
8. If you are at higher risk regarding covid 19 ie over 70 / immuncompromised please let us know so we can arrange an appointment time that is more suitable.
If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact and a member of the team will be able to provide you with further information.

Extraoral suction: infection control

Extraoral aerosol suction is critical to removing infected aerosols and droplets produced during procedures that require high-speed instruments, such as scaling and drilling.

IQAir extraoral suction air purification systems provide a line of defence against harmful airborne pathogens and infectious material that can threaten the health and safety of patients and staff. When combined with intraoral suction, IQAir extraoral suction air purifiers right at the patient source can reduce aerosol levels, bacterial colonies, and airborne viral particles from dental procedures to almost zero:

Dental Series Pro: Provides exceptional filtration of aerosol particles, bacteria, viruses, mercury vapour, disinfectant smells, and a wide range of VOCs with a HyperHEPA pre-filter and 5 kg of granular impregnated alumina, activated carbon, and impregnated activated carbon